Job Description

Experience Team (ET) reports to the Operations Team (OT).



  • ET are often the first point of contact for a Hudson / Hawk Barber & Shop (HH) client when booking an appointment
  • Receive incoming phone calls for appointments, often high volume, and addressing client inquiries, concerns, and troubleshooting
  • Outgoing calls for client moves due to barber schedule changes
  • Understand and communicate service policies to clients, in regards to arriving to appointments late, cancelling appointments, no showing appointments, and additional service policies outlined by the HH Handbook
  • Management of barbers’ schedules and lunch breaks, as well as making sure the shop is aware of unmet shop minimums
  • Ability to problem solve and exhibit forward thinking as client concerns arise
  • Read and understand HH Handbook, policies, and procedures
  • Job is performed with professionalism and understanding that business office hosts many vendors and visitors. Required to be trustworthy with discreet and confidential information over heard in the business office.
  • Highest-level of responsibility with office security and reporting
  • Transfer and updating of information in intranet communication tool
  • Filing paperwork
  • Maintain cleanliness of business office and restroom
  • ET is typically scheduled 30 minutes to 1 hour before shops open until shops close, by shifts. Shifts are scheduled 30 minute breaks for shifts longer than 8 hours (unpaid) or 15 minute breaks for shifts shorter than 6 hours (paid)
  • ETs clock-in and out for shifts and breaks using the reservation system
  • Reliability with attendance and on time arrival critical to the entire company’s operations Ability to arrive to work 5-10 minutes prior to your assigned shift start time and ability to stay past shift to complete tasks, if necessary
  • Fill in for absent team members as necessary


Pay / Benefits / Performance

  • ETs are paid hourly compensation based on number of hours worked
  • ETs receive 6 month performance appraisals with opportunities for pay increases



  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • High school graduate or equivalent
  • Customer service, computer and phone service experience preferred
  • Full availability for weekend and holiday hour shifts preferred