The story of Hudson Hawk began in 2011. With a drastic disappearance of original barbershops and a lack of masculine grooming options for the men of the midwest, Paul Catlett and Thad Forrester met with an idea.

Paul Catlett, a visionary with construction, woodworking, and artistic skills, attended Vidal Sassoon Academy, in Los Angeles, California, and then returned to his roots to create a top of the line salon, now Studio 417 – a salon that quickly became the premiere location for hair and makeup in Missouri.

Thad Forrester worked in corporate America in advertising and marketing. After years of seeing success, he sought change and had a simple conversation with Paul, that lead to a revolutionary thought – create a barbershop that harkened back to the days of gentlemen gathering together to share stories, wisdom, and experience in a masculine environment designed for community.

A revolutionary thought – create a barbershop that harkened back to the days of gentlemen gathering together to share stories, wisdom and experience in a masculine environment designed for community.

“We knew that we wanted something special and different. We threw around a lot of ideas – some decent and some absolutely terrible. And then late one night Paul called me and said ‘What if we name the shop after our sons?’” said Thad of the night the name came into being.

Thad’s youngest son, Hudson, and Paul’s youngest son, Hawkins, became the catalyst by which the company would form and the title of that experience.

Together, they opened Hudson Hawk Barber & Shop in 2013, and since then have seen an initial idea grow into multiple local barbershops in local Springfield and Kansas city neighborhoods, creating an experience for men of all ages to receive quality haircuts and service amidst community, conversation and great music.