After four years in business and with five neighborhood shops in Missouri, Hudson / Hawk Barber & Shop looks to build on its success as it opens its first shop in Kansas, the company’s first shop in central Missouri, and two new shops in Springfield. These four, new shops will create roughly forty-one full-time and twenty part-time positions.

Hudson / Hawk Barber & Shop is a company committed to the message of the richness, grit, and entrepreneurial spirit unique to the Midwest. Co-founder Paul Catlett says, “Outside of the Midwest, people don’t realize how many cool things are happening here. Down the street from our Campbell shop in Springfield there’s a new world-class aquarium. In our West Plaza neighborhood shop in Kansas City there are tons of artists and designers redefining the culture around them. When companies like Google are investing in Kansas City, you know we are more than just flyover states!”

“When companies like Google are investing in Kansas City,
you know we are more than just flyover states!”

Co-founder Thad Forrester says the company promotes the Midwest through its marketing campaigns, which feature their own clients and staff; and hiring Missouri companies for everything, from supplying coffee to artwork.
“Many of the companies we work with started as clients of ours. It’s awesome that any given day there will be a retired grandfather with his grandson, a metal worker, teacher, student, or a CEO who heads an international company based in Missouri. We balance tradition with what’s current very well, and that balance attracts men of all ages to our shops. We like to say that we are a barber shop for all generations”, says Thad.

Prairie Village, Kansas is the site for the first shop outside of Missouri. The greater Kansas City area is fitting since Hudson / Hawk opened its first shop outside of Springfield in fall 2016 in the West Plaza neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri. Hudson / Hawk expects the six-chair Prairie Village shop, in the Corinth Center, to open in January, 2018.


Magers Crossing, Springfield


Columbia, Missouri

The District in Columbia, MO is an area which blends a classic downtown setting with the modern edge of commerce, art, and living which mirrors the feel of each Hudson / Hawk; a traditional neighborhood barbershop that looks to the future with its service and design. The new shop on the corner of 9th Street and Cherry is not far from legendary Shakespeare’s Pizza and the University of Missouri. The anticipated open date is late December, 2017.

The first building built specifically as a Hudson / Hawk Barber & Shop will be in the Southern Hills Shopping Center on East Sunshine in Springfield, MO. “Our Sunshine clients are some of our most loyal. They’ve asked for more space and when we had the chance to work with The Wooten Company we couldn’t pass it up. Growing from four chairs to ten in a mid-century inspired building, which fits perfectly in this neighborhood, will please our clients” laughs Thad. The existing shop will stay open while the new ten chair shop is built. The anticipated grand opening date is late spring, 2018.

Magers Crossing is a new retail center on West Republic and Cox Roads in Springfield. This anchor site in the center adds ten more chairs for Hudson / Hawk. This shop will fill the need for barber services in the rapidly growing southwest neighborhood of Springfield. This shop is expected to take its first clients in spring, 2018.


East Sunshine, Springfield

Prairie Village, Kansas

Prairie Village, Kansas