7 Billion Ones Partnership


“…Dedicated to using the art of photography, motion films, and written word to present people’s unique stories in an artful, impacting form, so that human transformation occurs exponentially. Our story movement reaches the masses via sharing and connecting people through the enormous power of the world wide web – our dedicated 7 Billion Ones website and social media. In addition, 7 Billion Ones sponsors and presents a variety of humanitarian, outreach events to bring change face-to-face within communities – locally, nationally and internationally.” – Randy Bacon, photographer

7 Billion Ones is a movement with a goal to change the world through people and their stories. With roughly 7 billion people sharing this planet, this organization sets out to document the “ones”, the one-of-a-kind people who can easily get lost in the bigness of the world.

“Whether you’re tall, short, slender, oversized, sick, or in remission: You matter. Whether you’re black or white or any color in between: You matter. Whether you’re a proud mother, a tired father, a sister dealing with depression, or a brother afraid of the future: You matter.” – 7 Billion Ones website

Source: 7billionones.org

“Whether you’re tall, short, slender, oversized, sick, or in remission: You matter.”

Hudson / Hawk Co-founder Paul Catlett says, “After reading the stories along with the intense imagery, not being part of 7 Billion Ones wasn’t a option. By having these faces and stories in our barbershops, we hope that every person that walks through our door is positively impacted from this exhibit. My hope is that we can start looking at all people as humans and not statistics.”

Hudson / Hawk is humbled by the goals of Randy and his team.

Photographs and personal stories may be viewed in our shops throughout 2018.

Learn more at 7billionones.org or randybacon.com

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